Raised on the country side of Sweden among flowers and vividly green habitat. My father was a gardener and also a fine artist, just like my grandfather. Hence art stood important to me already early on in life. Currently I reside on the wonderful island öland and here I found the spirit that triggered my motivation to start painting seriously. Nature, silence, infinity, light, the ocean and gatherings with people is my inspiration.


I’ve always loved colors and to vary materials I paint on is always an exciting challenge. Diverse structures and various formats fascinate me. Acrylic suits me the best to begin with since I’m very intense in my creative process. Secondly it’s usually oil that spurs me to execute – its texture and feel is so different. The underlying concept of my work is that I want to impact, touch and supply something extra to people.

Aside from my art I’m also a hairdresser part time. The privilege to have multiple professions feels like a big bonus.

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